Bubble Shuffle

Bubble Shuffle 1.00

Solve word puzzles under the sea


  • Well presented
  • Four game modes
  • Four difficulty settings


  • Gets a bit repetitive

Very good

If you're ever been swimming in the Great Barrier Reef then you'll know all about the rare fish down there who like to play word games on the ocean bed. If you don't believe me then check out Bubble Shuffle.

This vexing undersea-themed mobile game will test both your vocabulary and your spelling skills. The object of Bubble Shuffle is to make as many words as you can from letters contained within bubbles. You can arrange the bubbles by tapping them in order, or by dragging them into place.

As long as you can find at least one word that uses all of the letters at your disposal you can progress to the next level by clicking 'Advance'. As you move through the levels, the number of letters increases, as does the difficulty. There are four different game modes in Bubble Shuffle - two are timed and two are unlimited, 'free' games. You can also pick from four difficulty levels, and choose to employ the 'extended' dictionary if you're feeling particularly ambitious.

The presentation of Bubble Shuffle is excellent. The cartoony, aquatic theme is well designed and the tranquil music and sound effects put you into a dreamlike state that will keep you fixated by Bubble Shuffle for ages. I especially like the cartoon fish presenter, Wordsworth, who shouts abuse at you when you choose a word that doesn't exist.

The gameplay does get a bit repetitive, but Bubble Shuffle is well splashing out for if you're a word game fan.

Bubble Shuffle


Bubble Shuffle 1.00

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